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About Trade Media Solutions SRL and our Privacy Policy

Trade Media Solutions SRL is the Publisher of Progresiv, Trends HRB, European Baker & Biscuit, Asia Pacific Baker & Biscuit, Frozen Food Europe, Potato Processing International print magazines, Worldbakers, Potato Business, Frozen Food digital magazines and the owner of the following online platforms:

This Privacy Policy outlines the privacy practices of Trade Media Solutions SRL.

Our Privacy Policy applies to any print/online platforms owned by Trade Media Solutions SRL and explains how we use your personal information and provides an overview of how we protect your privacy

Collection of Personal Data

We collect your information in 2 ways:

 - directly, including personal data provided to us by you when you subscribe to our services: newsletters, print/digital magazines white papers, dossiers, our partners promotions and when you register to our events; the personal information collected directly from you may contain the following details:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Location
  • Company address
  • Company business type
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address

 - indirectly (e.g. when you visit our website, some technical details will automatically be supplied to us via your device, like the IP address, the operating system and the internet browser used).

Purpose of Personal Data Collection

The purposes of the collected data are:

  • To provide you with our products/services: print/digital magazines, weekly newsletters, white papers, dossiers, events informations, partners promotions
  • To create statistics about the use of our products/services, generate traffic insights in order to understand how users interact with our platform and how we can improve our services
  • To contact you in case of postal addresses changes, e-mail addresses changes, sending you a reset password email for accessing our online platforms, offer information about subscription, events, new products/services via e-mail/telephone
  • To save your settings and preferences in order to prevent you from having to re-enter this information
  • To further protect our products and services against misuse

All Data collected by Trade Media Solutions SRL are not and will never be sold to third parties.

Data Retention

We will retain your information as long as you are involved in the FMCG/retail/frozen food/potato/bakery industries or as long you are interested to receive our products/services until we receive a deletion request from you. We do not keep your personal details for any longer than is necessary for the purpose for which you submitted them.

Your rights:

At all times, Trade Media Solutions SRL will comply with the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • The right to rectification (at any time you can ask that your information be updated or corrected
  • The right to be forgotten (at any time you can ask that your information be permanently deleted)
  • The right of portability (at any time you can ask to have your information transferred to another organization)
  • The right to object (at any time you may seek to prohibit certain uses of your personal data)
  • The right of access (at any time you have the right to know what personal data has been collected about you and how it’s being used)

For any of the above requests regarding your personal details, you can contact us by e-mail at or by phone +40 21 315 90 31.

International Use of Websites

Our websites are managed on servers in Romania, but can be accessed online globally. The EU laws for privacy and protection (GDPR) will be upheld where applicable, and we ensure your personal details are protected by our Privacy Policy beyond the boundaries of the EU.

By providing us with your personal details directly or indirectly, you accept the processing of your details according to these guidelines.

Third-Party Links and Uses

We may provide your information to law enforcement officials or governmental agencies when required by law and in response to their request

Our websites may offer links to other websites that have their own terms of use, privacy and security policies. If you opt to visit one of these sites, you should review the policies that govern that particular site.

Application of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all information collected by or submitted to Trade Media Solutions SRL. Other affiliated entities may obtain information independently from transactions and experiences with you or from other sources. This Privacy Policy does not pertain to that information.